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Racial Equity in Practice


At Drakes and Burton Consulting, we offer history-based courses and conversational workshops about race and equity, focusing on systemic and interpersonal bias. We provide actionable strategies with real-world, anti-racist applications, and we cultivate opportunities for individuals and groups to learn, reflect, and imagine new possibilities. 

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Our unique approach to racial equity work is grounded in history and language. We believe that present-day anti-racist efforts must acknowledge, engage with, and be informed by historical legacies of injustice: grappling with the past is essential to ensuring a better and more equitable future. We also recognize the power of language, and how it is used both to oppress and to liberate. Our educational offerings help clients learn about the complicated history of race in the United States and develop shared language for discussing and effecting equity.


At Drakes and Burton Consulting, we help clients engage in meaningful dialogue about race and equity. Our staff are trained facilitators with years of experience who prioritize empathy and action. We help clients address difficult topics productively, make sure underrepresented voices are heard and validated, encourage individuals and organizations to take responsibility for growth and change, and collaboratively develop action plans for the future. Our facilitation offerings, based in our signature framework of history and language, are suitable for schools, workplaces, community conversations, and more.


Interested in anti-racist action but not sure where to start? Drakes and Burton Consulting offers a variety of assessment modules to help you and your group determine next steps. Our staff use diagnostic tools to understand stakeholder concerns, hear from underrepresented voices, track patterns of behavior, identify overt and covert tensions, and learn about hopes for the future. We follow up all assessments with a plan of action that is customized for every client to meet their wants and needs.

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